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Angie Mullen

Lead Consultant

I am a Scentsy Consultant because of my family! My Mother-In-Law gave me my first Scentsy gift for Christmas. I opened my present at the party thinking, "this looks pretty cool". It took me a week or so before I plugged it in the wall. I was so excited when I figured out what a great gift she gave me! My three daughters also received a plug-in warmer for Christmas. They enjoyed them so much that my oldest daughter decided to host a Scentsy party for her friends. She invited her dad and me to visit for the weekend for the party. The party kept our interest for at least two hours. It was a blast to visit and smell the 80 different fragrances. I loved discovering how much both men and women enjoyed finding the perfect scent. I started thinking that I could host a party for my daughter and got so excited that I signed up to be a consultant before my party. I managed to have over a $600.00 party - this caught my attention in a hurry.  This has been so much fun to show others how they can make extra money, get free products, or just spend time with friends and family.  I love Scentsy!

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